• Weber, F1 cars traveling on Sydney Harbour Bridge

    The BMW Williams F1 team start promotional activities in Australia Sunday morning, 27, Homegrown Mark Webber in F1 cars passed through Sydney Harbour Bridge also known as the attractions Australia domestic

    Weber, F1 cars traveling on Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Determine more heavy responsibility for victims, people with bike accidents

    To leave the opponent was injured when 24, Fukuoka prefectural police was involved in rear-end collisions of the bicycle, had fled, and were prosecutors the 29-year-old man alleged traffic violation (ひき逃げ, uber accident) until the same day revealed

  • [Stock] urge the 2000 yen, Suzuki up

    Plus United States shares rise, January industrial production index exceeded market expectations, likeable and market continued throughout 3 days Range of stock is overbought and automobile shares also became a comprehensive high

    Suzuki Alto
  • [Fuji Speedway inauguration] Toyota Hattori Executive "course, F1 want to do"

    Hattori Tetsuo Executive responsible for Toyota Motorsport is a meeting with reporters at Fuji Speedway, 28, went to the inauguration ceremony, said about F1 "I want to do here of course as do motor sports person, a", and expressed the desire to attract

    [Fuji Speedway inauguration] Toyota Hattori Executive "course, F1 want to do"
  • [Fuji Speedway inauguration] upgrade to 1 win, holding the F1

    Fuji Speedway 4/10 to greet the long-awaited reopening ( Fuji International Speedway co., Ltd., Inc. & courses: Oyama-Cho, sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture ), but announced that the 2/28 conducted the wedding ceremony along succeeded in getting the FIA circuit license "grade 1"

    Shin-Fuji Speedway panoramic view
  • National Police Agency Chief apologized on the advice of the Prime Minister... Police snatch abortive

    NPA police snatch attempted incident occurred in Minato-ku, Tokyo, 19 this month in the Agency Secretary uruma Iwao, 24, went to the same day of the Conference, and stated "the idea that more police officers fleeing have should didn't" and apology were

  • Still a COP, and it... they showbiz parties

    Kanagawa prefectural police repeatedly pretext 24, various remittance fraud ( おれおれ )-con've and five members of the Group of fraud led to the 26-year-old man arrested on fraud charges Analyze materials seized in the police rush the whole content analysis of damage and

  • ETC usage rate of capital high topped 35 %

    Announced and Metropolitan Expressway utilization ETC topped 35% 28, capital of high speed Highway According to it the capital city-high entire 1st became about 384000 units available per the usage rate of 35.3%

  • Nissan CVT 1 million units, 4 x

    Nissan globally in the next three years of CVT-equipped vehicles of announced to expand the sales of 4 times the current To deploy the global benefits such as possible to the fuel economy and smooth running CVT, raise the sales of CVT-equipped vehicles in fiscal 2007 approximately 1 million units

    MR15DE engine + Xtronic CVT
  • Sales company established in Teikoku piston ring, Thailand

    Teikoku piston ring established sales company in joint venture with local companies and Thailand, starting from March sales announced To enhance the automakers sales system, advancing to within car demand has skyrocketed in the ASEAN region, it aims

  • Original divorce put out and rammed the wife

    Am 24, 42-year-old woman driving the sub-programs in the Hokkaido Asahikawa city mini car, came running from behind a car deliberately rammed Incident the man was driving this car to murder women in mini-cars

  • [Fuji Speedway inauguration] Schumacher ran! What is feedback?

    Fuji Speedway season to focus on fully seasonal 2004, had been advanced a comprehensive renewal plans faced the open finally 4/10 Prior to the wedding ceremony conducted in the 2/28, demonstration conducted by Ralf Schumacher in the Toyota F1 machine

    Nakamura Kunio President of Matsushita, President of Fuji Speedway, R. Schumacher Shimada Hisamitsu, Toyoda Shoichiro Honorary Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Prison sentence in accident resulted with epileptic seizures

    23, The Court trial against an accident having an epileptic fit while driving a passenger loses consciousness, signal waiting motorcade hit, that killed seven people, was charged with manslaughter on the business 41 years old man opened in Nagano District Court The Court ordered the prison sentence of 4 years in prison against defendants

  • AIU, deaf car insurance

    Announced the AIU insurance company to start selling idler car insurance car insurance deaf 28, from March That enables the reporting of accidents or breakdowns using the chat feature of the mobile phone

  • Cannot stop an ice pick, and train collide

    23 Night, takanosu town of Akita Prefecture Akita Nairiku jukan railway line crossing the 26-year-old woman driving the mini slips before crossing an ice pick, approaching the railway crossing internal While passing down ordinary trains ( takanosu from AKAN Hitoshi ligatures to the locked ) and crashed

  • [05 Geneva Motor Show: Rolls-Royce Phantom long wheel base

    Rolls-Royce announces a long wheelbase model of the 'Phantom' in the Geneva Motor Show from 3/1 Extended wheel base specification, phantom standard type and appearance and driving performance while keeping the extended rear interior space

    [05 Geneva Motor Show: Rolls-Royce Phantom long wheel base
  • [Expo] Fujitsu ten... Provide the concert events, sponsors, and speakers

    Fujitsu ten held in Aichi Prefecture, the 3/25/2005 announced to sponsor a concert event of love-earth session 2005, at Japan Expo (Aichi SNIEC), will be held in the Expo Association planning special events, "love & Earth message event

  • [IRL] Indy Japan-ARTA cheering seat sale... AUTOBACS

    AUTOBACS seven, 4/28-30, Twin Ring Motegi Motegi ( Tochigi Prefecture ) in sale Super AUTOBACS stores, nationwide AUTOBACS ARTA cheering seat on the spectator ticket for Indy Japan IRL IndyCar Series round 4 will be held

  • Strengthen the management support functions in Yamaha motor President

    Have a Yamaha 3/1 and announced organizational changes, review the features of the social and public relations unit Public relations and advertising capabilities, improved customer satisfaction and social responsibility performance, managers support enhanced aim

  • Daihatsu motor reorganization... Strengthen your business strategy

    Daihatsu announced to deploy the corresponding changes of the environment surrounding the company's business strategy, amendment to organization and personnel system in 3/1 Established human resources planning Office in the organizational reform of the HR