• [Recall], Ford again!... 800000 Units SUV

    Ford announced a total of 792000 recall, full-sized pickup and SUV Target is 2000 and 2001 Lincoln model 'F-150' Super crew pickups, 'expedition', 'Navigator'

    -Type f-150 Super crew 2001
  • Outline of TRD, the VITZ challenge announced

    Toyota Racing, TRD announced the outline of "By"TOYOTA VITZ"also race 2005 TRD ヴィッツチャレンジ" Scheduled opener in Chiba game all 6 until October to start 3/27

    Outline of TRD, the VITZ challenge announced
  • Uncomfortable car I passed... "Hit and run arrest

    The metropolitan police and ひき逃げ man in Sumida-ku, Tokyo last December 28, died and the business ( hit ) traffic violation charges in the manslaughter arrested the 36-year-old man Investigators with the uncomfortable car I passed by chance is chance of arrest

  • Yamato transport, invoices printing free service start

    Yamato will home to print, such as the sender or recipient's address free of charge delivery invoice "home delivery invoice free printing service" announced to start from 2/1

  • Production in China Japan NGK oxygen sensor

    Announced Japan NGK is to start production of oxygen sensors from late 2006 in Shanghai, China factory 31, In the equipment to measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gas oxygen sensor's key components of the exhaust gas purification system

  • [Stock] Mitsubishi Motors fall, sweet new revitalization plan?

    Buyback started, keep, quotes throughout rebounded after an interval of 3 days Automobile stocks became humbled and Takayasu New restructuring plans announced in the 28, Mitsubishi is deep-rooted view that lack the specificity, which fall with an absurdly 143 Yen

    Press presentation held at the Takanawa Prince Hotel Tokyo Shinagawa 28, Mitsubishi Motors "restructuring plan and new"
  • Police personnel, cocaine or marijuana possession

    28, First towards transport riot police to police belong 31 years worked as Police Constable Chief was hiding the powdered cocaine and cannabis resin single dorm room, arrested red-handed hemp control law violation and violation of drug law enforcement law Man admits the use of facts

  • Truck springs bicycle obsessed, pastry

    Boy 13 years old in the sub-programs in the Saitama Prefecture, Sayama-city, had to bicycle commuting has been facing 28th morning, happened to usually be hit by truck Banging your head against the boy, died in the hospital Arrested a 54 years old forward inadvertently driving on track as a cause in the police man

  • Street crime information sent to mobile phones, the Osaka prefectural police fly to the railway

    Osaka prefectural police to users method of IC card tickets ( pay ) postpaid 28, Kansai railway has introduced "( pytapa ) PiTaPa' information system provided"PiTaPa グーパス", sending crime information from the same day service

  • Daihatsu 1-3 consolidated results for the quarter, sales for Toyota

    2004 April - December period announced by Daihatsu motor ( 1-3 quarter ) of, revenues and operating profit is up 102.4% 22210000000 ¥ and 841526000000 yen, up 18.5% sales consolidated accounts,

  • Hino Motors span enhanced management... Organizational reform and enhanced

    Hino Motors announced to implement the organizational changes at 2/1 To split each vehicle R & D Department, Powertrain R & D Department, Hamura plant body of enhanced management span

    Hino concept truck (Tokyo Motor Show 05)
  • Exploit the materials license? Prosecution officer arrested

    Kochi District Office and the Prosecutor's Office exploit third party he worked as prosecution officer 28, 31 years old man kept suzaki branch of the Prosecutor's driver's license copy and fake the IOU Suspect was going to use this debt, arrested on the suspicion of such signed documents forged and the exercise

  • iPod mini with MINI! … 3 100000 JPY anniversary deals

    BMW Japan announced to launch "MINI 3RD ANNIVERSARY model, based on"MINI ONE"to commemorate the third anniversary of launch of the MINI (mini) (released 3rd anniversary commemoration models) from 2/26 300 Limited

  • DENSO ETC shipments 1 million units per year of the pace

    DENSO announced, with total shipments for the on-board equipment for ETC including OEM supply achieved 2 million units first Japan The company begin shipping ETC from 3/2001 and always has maintained top share in total shipments

  • Isuzu, compulsory paid retirement ends

    Isuzu Motors announced the procedures of the decrease in capital and capital reduction by the forced retirement of paid II preferred shares ended 28 this month and 12/22 based on the resolution of the extraordinary shareholders ' meeting held

  • Mitsubishi Motors, the non-consolidated deficit significantly to expand

    Mitsubishi is modified from deficit released last 3/2005 period non-consolidated ordinary income 105 billion yen 110 billion yen deficit Order for a group of 3 companies, such as Mitsubishi heavy industries to increased capital for improvement in the financial position of this interwoven 5 billion stock issuance cost

  • Downward revisions of the financial forecasts, Mitsubishi Motors

    Mitsubishi Motors announced the downward revision of the 3/2005 term financial forecasts Downward revision is expected deficit increases 18 billion JPY current account deficit 2100000000000 circle, minus the sales 65 billion yen than at the previous announcement 3/2005 consolidated financial Outlook is, and 197 billion yen