• [New announced by Daihatsu Gino] half of the sales target from that car-

    "Best competitor is the 'Suzuki Lapin' From founder Gino was a moderately brisk sales until the fact Lapin to be released before is, Lapin appeared, I have little nerves "

    Daihatsu Mira Gino
  • Attacked by the female mini... Feign rear-end accidents

    28, Took a 28-year-old woman, in Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City South Ward road mini guise of rear-end accident, approached the Group and attacked, imprisoned, deprived car or cash the incident occurred Police are investigating as a robbery

  • Killed two people in an overturned camper

    28, Before dawn, the County Road in Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku in campers contact center Strip, to slam the Poles that impetus accident happened Camper Van is overturned wreck killed one person, another person becomes seriously ill of the unconscious

  • Benz-snatch incident disguised as accidents, rise again

    "Stolen theft group night, 27, at the intersection of the Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Yodogawa Ward 42-year-old man was driving the Mercedes-Benz disguised rear-end crash incident 9-Year-old girl also was riding in the back seat is the car is discovered immediately after the incident, was also the girl's alright

  • [New announced by Daihatsu Gino] target in your stub until mother and daughter

    Mini retro styling, high-textured interior, development proceeded to target women 'Gino' of new mini vehicles Among main target will, from women around the 30s and 50s 60s women

    [New announced by Daihatsu Gino] target in your stub until mother and daughter
  • The car made contact with an ice pick, deviate from the road

    27 Evening, Hokkaido Abashiri City Road road in the contact with people with passenger slipped on an ice pick Happened so that one pushed this out to deviate to the road, to tumble from the slope 50-Year-old man killed in the accident

  • The policeman opened fire... That was not a tense situation?

    27 Afternoon, in Osaka, Osaka City Yodogawa ward in dongcheon, became so Wikinews was trying to question the driver of the car had been arranged on fraud charges against the policeman, to shoot two pistols this car incident occurred One shot, and hits to the 31-year-old was driving a man seriously injured

  • Model authentication stricter glycol system fraud against... Ministry

    Ministry against the automakers went cheating regarding a recall, such as “ recall hidden ” type certificate examination when the (1) tightening of safety standards and conformity assessment, (2) confirmation and other correspondence to the cheating, of instituted two requirements

  • [Stock] Daihatsu rebounding fared during the

    Fall in market reaction across from the growing uncertainty about the U.S. Economic Outlook Automobile stocks became fared Nissan's fell the previous Hibi 6 yen, Honda fell 100 yen Appreciation feared profit-taking sales, Toyota Motor fell 60 yen and fall in reaction

    Daihatsu Mira Gino
  • Keller entered the BMW sales

    BMW Japan announced car sales leading Kelley to acquire second-hand sales subsidiary of BMW Japan Office BMW sales into the Kau to

  • Crew cab, non smoking... Japan transportation

    Leading the taxi limousine Japan transport announced and implemented non-smoking cabin crew from December taxi fleets in First in the industry decided the crew smoking in the vehicle fleet total Smokers who occupy the 7 percent out of the company's 4,000 crew

  • Honda's top J.D. power's initial quality survey in South Africa

    J... D... power-Pacific announced the 2004 Automotive initial quality survey on in South Africa 30, African biggest automotive market This is the first time in the country's initial quality survey, Honda was ranked the top in the overall assessment of the European car was high

  • Nissan and calsonic Kansei to the subsidiary.

    Nissan is 30, Board of Directors, presented and resolved to undertake the third party allotment of calsonic Kansei full

  • Determined by the “ number here"introduction and outline

    30, Transport Ministry summarizing the guidelines for the introduction of so-called "number here" Place name was known nationally in areas of more than 100000 registrations, such as newly adopted a number However in principle 2 kanji Roman alphabet is not admitted

  • Evaluation of tire, Michelin's three consecutive first place

    J... D... power Asia Pacific, 2004, Japan OE tire customer satisfaction survey results released According to it the Michelin top each item, and was ranked # 1 in 3 consecutive Michelin was especially high in design evaluation

  • Nagoya Toyopet earnings and revenues

    Ordinary income up 16.9% 731 million ¥ 63587000000 yen, up 2.3% sales interim results, Nagoya Toyopet leading Toyota's dealers, 9/2004 which became the revenues

  • Break through the production, airbag ECU 10 million... Fujitsu ten

    Fujitsu ten announced and airbag ECU in the Group's total production of topped 10 million units on 25th October Became the achievement in 11 years three months from the start of production in 7/1993