• [Birmingham motor show-04] MINI flying in オープンエアシアター

    Birmingham motor show ( 5/25-6/6 ), MINI stunt driving has been held, announces "MINI (mini) オープンエアシアター" and Team led by Russ swift convertible and MINI three-show stunt

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  • coppice 20 m below the dive

    29, At midnight, in USA-Beppu road up line of Oita Prefecture ajimu town, passenger cars struck the slopes leave you planing, after it fell below 20 m under elevated accident The woman was riding in the back seat in this accident 19 years died Five people from the men in the 20-year-old was driving suffered ambulance

  • 25 Km highway running back... From the small amount of traffic safe

    The 47-year-old man driving the Hiroshima Expressway and Chugoku Expressway Hiroshima Shi asakita Ward akitakata, Hiroshima Prefecture, from passenger cars reverse that running 29th night, approximately 25 kilometres line trouble occurred And luckily to order Sprint car accidents have happened

  • Daihatsu, welfare transport service system development and sale

    Daihatsu released the friendship i system of welfare support system for transport service 31 Reservation processing fee calculations after a ride up through the net No dedicated software, available in off-the-shelf PC

  • Notice the other vehicles, had provoked a police motorcycle

    Passenger bikes Kanagawa Fujisawa city in the province, while reverse that had propelled toll and afternoon, 29, was tracked to a patrol car has been approaching the roundabout and collided head-on at Of the two boys were riding bikes in the accident of one's critical condition of unconsciousness Another person were seriously injured

  • Stick to fall asleep while driving, trail

    Happened that successively sprung two women 54 highway in Hiroshima, Aki TAKATA city, cars run on a sidewalk in afternoon, 29, had to stand talking Women are taken to the nearby hospital, slapped full length they both can have died caused by

  • Assertive in multiple collision accident

    6 Cars collide head-on with an oncoming car, lorry car ramrod has been changing lanes, moisturizing Hodogaya Valley bypass, Highway 16, in the Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Asahi Ward late at night, 28, tried to avoid stray into the oncoming lane, side, involving multiple collision happened Seven people injured in the accident

  • Stolen from police seized bikes parts

    Aichi Prefectural Police seize from Moriyama-Department of the prefectural police arrested in road traffic law violation, 28, a motorcycle gang, revealed the damage some parts are being stolen from the bike kept in the same 署内 had come out Quoting investigators whether problems did manage in the Inspector General's Office is

  • [Stock] impact mitigation hood... Honda sharply higher

    Anaerobic the appreciation of the yen and crude oil selling lock in profits ahead, and fall in market reaction after an interval of 4, whole $ 1 Yen = 109 Yen level and with the high price of 5/6 Automobile Co., Ltd. is mixed and became Takayasu

    Vs. pedestrian impact mitigation bonnet adopted by Honda elysion
  • Bolt trailer tire-shedding, less frequent tire fixed

    Osaka prefectural police related tire falling accident from the large trailers occurred in Osaka, Cape Town 12 days this month 28, and raided the Osaka City Minato Ward was responsible for maintenance of the accident trailer car maintenance company with the arrested employee of this company in road traffic law violation

  • [Indy 500] rice to victory win first Honda win & place monopoly

    Rahal Letterman Racing buddy rice for the "Indy Honda" V8 engine won the Indy 500 (500 miles = 800 km) race, world's largest motor sport events was held 30,

    Rice “ victory milk ”
  • Announced the Saab dealer concept in China

    Saab Automobile announced the concept Saab dealer new building in China It's planned to open in total 10 locations serve-unlimited-dealers by the end of

  • Serve, unveiled a 9-3 スポーツセダン in China

    Sweden's Saab Automobile announced the launch in China from late June new Saab 9-3 sport sedan

    Saab 9-3 スポーツセダン (European spec)
  • [Unplugged-Hisashi kamio Week] JR East stake DSRC's biggest rival, FeliCa!

    5/20, East railway Japan ( JR East Japan ) to stake the FeliCa announced that FeliCa is a business platform and "FeliCa IC contactless IC chips, such as the"East Japan JR Suica card"to use" technology licensing company

    Mobile FeliCa experiment uses NTT DoCoMo prototype "SO504iC" Mobile FeliCa 901i series 506 iC and iC 900 was launched as a commercial version this summer, expected early next year appeared from the end of the year at the standard machine
  • Audi-Quattro Cup 2004 held at the Japan meeting

    Audi Japan in the world from 6/2, Quattro, Audi's largest amateur golf tournaments and Cup 2004 announced that held the Japan meeting

  • Hino and truck market share 30% aims beyond

    04 Mid-term 3-year management plan developed by Hino Motors developed the Division of business sales goals, it announced

  • Twig Nissan joint President, Automotive Research Institute Director appointed

    Japan Automobile Institute held a Council in 5 月 31 日 Japan Automobile Association Chairman, was appointed the Chairman of the 10th koeda, Nissan Motor Co Chairman announced Term of Office is two years

    Mr. twig