• 10-15 Mode fuel efficiency top 10

    Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport announced the 10 31, fuel efficient gasoline passenger cars Model examination value of this Ministry ( 10-15 mode fuel consumption ) a ranking based on the ordinary-ranked compact category is a Toyota Prius

    Toyota Prius
  • [Geneva Motor Show ' 04 photo warehouse] 'MINI convertible'

    The MINI convertible' published at the Geneva Motor Show As with closed body MINI convertible also 4 seater Powered automatic opening and closing operates standard settings, button operation, opening and closing roof is one way 15 seconds Cargo capacity is raised the roof, down 165 l, 120 l

    [Geneva Motor Show ' 04 photo warehouse] 'MINI convertible'
  • To launch, a number here!

    Transport Ministry revealed that the policy of permitting the “ here number ” to number place names, such as the tourist destination Actually here first appearing through authorization, application for 2-3 years is going ahead to

  • Roads and bridges are screaming... Ministry, measures to strengthen

    Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport strengthen the 'special vehicles one-way permit system' full of violations, to significantly strengthen crackdown It is said that when traveling on such illogical road a specified navigation order restricting vehicles exceeded 7 percent is unauthorized or illegal state

  • [Stock] Yen in three years and 11 months after high level... Nissan will fall in reaction

    Buying progresses, the appreciation of the yen due to expectations for economic recovery, and the market rebounded throughout 3 days Automobile stocks was generally weak

    North American Nissan Altima
  • Nikkei article Mitsubishi negative comments

    Mitsubishi Motors announced the comments completely denied the article into"retirement"all Directors of 31 Japan Keizai Shimbun evening paper posted on Mitsubishi Motors To withdraw from the production of United States in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun published the same day also announced the negative comments

    Mitsubishi Motors headquarters
  • Set the first lane system in North America, Nissan

    Nissan Motor announced 'as models released 2006 infinity starting to release fall 2005 North American "FX" series and in 2005, the next-generation Infiniti M45", and adopting lane awaiting warning systems (to the lane departure warning system) to

    Set the first lane system in North America, Nissan
  • The dark one-touch mounting!... Child safety seat

    TAKATA has announced and to release child restraint 'takata04-neo' from 4/1 New products can be fixed to ensure one woman, features fixed confirmation, in the dark and this can be quickly fitted with a magnet pursuit of comfort and convenience, such as Tang

  • Yusoki Kogyo, Fuji heavy to the wholly owned subsidiary

    Fuji heavy industries Board meeting 31, announced and made resolutions fully subsidiary in the share exchange method yusoki Kogyo can

  • Mistaken for mini capacity 5 people

    31, Belonging to the regional division of the Aomori Police Lieutenant ride ミニパトカー ( mini-cars with 4 people volunteer for Aomori traffic safety Association Aomori prefectural police This was found in the traffic division of the police officers, traffic violation ( constant ingai ride ) in found that had turned a traffic violation Kip

  • China import and domestic car agroforestry net sales prohibition measures are WTO industrial structure Council report

    Division, WTO, the advisory body to the economic and Industry Minister of the industrial structure Council ( industrial structure Council ), made public the unfair trade report for the 2004 edition Seeking correction such as agroforestry sold prohibited countermeasures to domestically produced and imported Chinese Government is considering in the automotive field in this

  • Automotive, industrial production index for February to minus

    30, The Ministry of economy, trade and industry announced in February industrial production index (2000 = 100), and 97.4 3.7% decrease compared with the previous month, dropped to two months Production of electronic parts and automobiles declined

    Nissan oppama plant
  • Repeat the collision wall... On fire, killing 3 people

    In the 30 days of night, ETSU automobile road down line of the Tokyo Metropolitan Kiyose city, and slipping in the rain in a car slam into the wall Happened that go up in flames 3 Who was riding in the car both 逃げ遅れ, that you are burned to death in the car

  • Important heavy and unfamiliar vehicles AT the national... Jailed

    30, Is the verdict trial against a man 62 years old, was charged with negligence lethal wounds innocent business fell 60 m at the end of the error the operation while driving the wagon of welfare facilities for the elderly in road town of nishine-Cho in the Iwate Prefecture last may, was a runaway, and killed six occupants opened Morioka District Court

  • Honda launched the CBR1000RR super sports bike'

    Honda announced the CBR1000RR super sports bike we adopted a dedicated race car won the champion two consecutive years in the Moto GP World Championship series 'RCC211V' advanced technology', and to release from the 4/20

    The CBR1000RR' ウィニングレッド
  • ACE General lease co., Ltd., Nissan diesel sold to GE Capital

    Announced and Nissan diesel motor, sold all shares of ACE General lease sales finance subsidiary to the US General Electric capital (GE capitalists) 31,

  • Underestimated viewing used car mileage... FTC warns

    Fair trade in Tendo city, Yamagata Prefecture, 29, had posted and significantly less than the mileage owned car dealer actual mileage car magazine, owned the store made the warning in the giveaway show violation of law (prohibition of unjust representation)

  • Even the U.S. military facility in the fire / ambulance shortcuts, Honshu

    Concluded agreements that the fire truck and ambulance shortcut in 30 days, the city residents United States Army facilities in Sagamihara City (Kanagawa Prefecture) Precedent is similar agreements are in Okinawa, although enforcement at U.S. military bases in the Mainland's first

  • Renewal, for Internet cooler "skyline GT-R' NISMO

    Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO, NISMO) is 'skyline GT-R' for "インターク-RA", released the NISMO shops across the country, Nissan dealership, Nissan parts sales company, famous shops and NISMO products with shops, including through

    The skyline GT-R' (BCNR33, BNR32) for "intercooler"
  • Published in JAMA, automotive design and manufacturing electronic information pamphlet

    Japan Automobile Association "electronic information standardization in automobile design and manufacture--towards a global" issued