• String craft swap chassis number---arrested 4 people

    Had and accident vehicles obtained in the auction, including in Beihai 道警 hunters the 29, the stolen car, chassis number and try to resell it in a regular route and owned four people from a car sales man arrested on suspicion of theft

  • Feel the accident, anaerobic sake, also drinking...

    That taxi and mini car crash met in the Aomori city, Aomori prefectural accident occurred in the afternoon, 29 Taxi who escaped intact from the site, came back to the Office in a drunken state 39-year-old taxi driver arrested red-handed traffic violation

  • Crossings without regard to the congestion, in contact with the train

    30 Am, Shin Chiba Prefecture Matsudo city, regardless of the Keisei electric railway crossings, traffic jams ahead also, rear extends beyond the side lines remain stopped at 44 years old guy driving wagon and has progressed that train crashes usually organized 8-car accident happened

  • Drunken driving trail, 1 seriously injured person

    29, At midnight, highway 56, Tosa city, Kochi Prefecture, drunken driving car struck the trail remains the runaway they injure somebody that contact was a 48-year-old woman pedestrian accident Business arrested the 36-year-old was driving the car at the police man red-handed, such as accidental injury

  • Flown 15 m by accident seriously ill

    Was speechless in the 48-year-old progressed in moped bike tries to enter am 29, sub-programs in the Kagawa marugame-Shi and oncoming lanes on the side convenience store 82 years old male was running the oncoming man driving car Male has strongly hit the whole body, consciousness what the seriously ill

  • [2003 Frankfurt Show vehicles: Mitsubishi i the environmental performance of the the the the text

    Mitsubishi Motors is concept car exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show, 29, I ( ) eye, announced in the FIA Eco Test environment performance tests of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) standards, emissions and fuel economy performance and won 5 star best

    I received the highest 5-star rating
  • [Harley Davidson road photo collection] proud 2004 model---22-all models

    Harley Davidson road motor company unveiled models 2004 8/28, Is the same model that appeared in the "EFI" FXDL ダイナロー rider series "sports stars" remodeled "to equipped the VRSCB V-Rod', ' King custom FLHRS ' appeared big points

    XL883 sports star 883
  • Top drivers coming to the Shimonoseki Bridgestone!

    In the factory in Bridgestone Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi to racing event venue 9/18 before the formula Nippon No. 8 against the MINE circuit, driver, Juichi wakisaka's on talk shows and autograph Participation is free

  • [2003 Frankfurt Show vehicles: Mitsubishi I been mass production to overseas

    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's model for next generation small car concept 'i' "No. 60 times Frankfurt Motor Show", ( eye ) exhibitors In addition to on the commercial vehicles based on the same model the domestic market in 2005 to consider expansion overseas, such as the European

    national launch of i is a 2005 calendar
  • 'Nissan cube cubic' anniversary sale---Café après

    In the Nissan Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, 9/3-celebrate 'became a 3-column sheet 9/23 limited, cube cubic' announcement, open cube, cubic Cafe collaboration with café après, a popular Cafe in Shibuya First day 333 people with perks such as free tea service

    Nissan Ginza Gallery
  • Alfa Romeo Hakone touring exhibition

    Fiat Auto Japan attracted the Alfa Romeo about 50 passenger cars old and new variety of September 7 and 8, two days together, Yokohama, Minato Mirai held the event, touring the Hakone until departing Yokohama Pacifico Arrivederci Museo Alfa Romeo Meeting-3

  • Special specifications of Toyota 'bB' "Z ” “ HID selection of" came to page 4

    Toyota Motor has special specification car of the 'bB' "Z ” “ HID selection of" released by the 21st Special specification car "Z" with two Meineke (HID) headlamps and a wireless door lock remote control based on the Besides an attractive design of Merlin's price as the same base vehicle price with

    Special specifications of Toyota 'bB' "Z ” “ HID selection of" came to page 4
  • [2003 Frankfurt Show vehicles: new Fiat 'Panda' production debut

    Fiat announced 'Panda' tallboy bomb compact hatchback model at the Frankfurt Motor Show Around the show and will be out That was already notice as a concept car 'Dingo' car name, becomes public as a commercial vehicle

    New Panda
  • [Weekly access ranked] Frankfurt Show attention most is Kore

    In all articles, introduces the total visits last week and the week before there were lot sorted until the 20th Also been buried article list of past daily updates in addition to the latest news in was dug that find and read news includes Vehicles has notified succession ahead of Frankfurt Show, motor shows in the world, reveals the former popular enough

    Frankfurt Show 2001
  • To the scooter specifications Tigers---"Honda Dio"

    Honda motorcycle Japan, set special specification car Scooter '( DIO ) Dio Z4' Hanshin Tigers special 50 cc 29, announced release from 30 to 120 limited

  • Causes of crashes, Ferrari

    Ferrari announced such parts are damaged and excessive stress is expensive in the leading arm of the left rear suspension and アッパーウィッシュボーン ride Hungary GP races while Rubens Barrichello of Ferrari car suddenly damaged about survey results

    Barrichello ( GP Hungary )
  • Villeneuve Championship forecast

    Jacques Villeneuve on the active duty driver knows the only championship win law outside the defending champion Michael Schumacher I asked him whether predicted for the season championship?

  • [Stock] Automobile Co., Ltd. Kaya outside even the positive results?

    Background, overall market rebound United States high Materials industries such as steel is popular on in the stock market, growing demand for China-related There is a voice that "positive results in the car makers have been in already織込mi, outside of Kaya's announcement" (major securities)

  • Aisin Seiki Co., Thailand production capacity expanded

    Announced automotive Toyota-Aisin Seiki to strengthen production capacity of Thailand 29, The new plant was under construction running from 9/1 to For Toyota to start the "IMV pickup trucks and multipurpose vehicles global projects"

  • Besides the unlicensed driver of the Meitetsu bus, 6 people

    Nagoya Railroad in the internal survey conducted by 29 June this year revealed that bus drivers after the unlicensed driver hiding event, revealed as new 6 driver I forgot a license update, was ride in unlicensed can