• [Honda F1 stalking] Briatore does have the Villeneuve

    Jacques Villeneuve on the B-R Honda next season missing attention A full season was seen there are several options to the former world champion, current contract ends One of them is Renault However, Flavio Briatore representative was satisfied with current line-up, not going to change

    Jacques Villeneuve ( British GP )
  • Belgium GP revival? Exception rules on tobacco advertising regulations

    ( Prix ) Belgium GP F1 races held this year by tobacco advertising regulations passed in 2004 revived as For tobacco advertising restrictions were applied in the Belgium, season held was excluded from the schedule in the F1 World Championship series of auto racing

    2002, GP Belgium,
  • Plus the new car sales increase in the domestic and European no. 1 Mazda's quarterly sales

    31, Mazda announced fiscal 2003 first quarter consolidated net revenues was 10.4% to 571939000000 yen, compared with the same period prior year Increase in new car sales in Japan and Europe Worldwide sales in the first quarter compared with the same period last year were up 10.5% 245000 units

    Mazda's RX-8'
  • Nissan diesel, diesel regulations procurement to profitability

    Nissan diesel announced according to summary of 1st quarter results for 2003, consolidated operating income from a deficit of 838 million yen for the year, and became the profitability of 3395000000 Yen

    Big Sam tractor new
  • Highest shipments in the quarter, VICS on-board equipment

    Announced the 2003 VICS on-board equipment for first quarter shipments in the VICS center According to it be recorded the 586522 units quarter one of the best shipments

  • Toyoda machine works agreed with torsen business acquisition of Bosch

    Toyoda machine works announced agreed and verbatim group with 8 月 31 日 motor driving system parts torsen (torque-sensitive driving force allocation mechanism) business from Bosch Automotive system ( Bosch AJ ) Acquisition of the torsen business from the torsen manufacturing company Bosch AJ Japan and Belgium and United States and sales company Amount of acquired three companies a total of $ 100 of 1 billion

  • [Giveaway] today's Super o.k.! Alpina ' B3 3.3 touring "per person

    In Lottery from applicants in the LIFE per BMW ' ALPINA B 3... 3 4WD Touring "presents" lifecard 10 million who topped gift campaign "conducted A super o.k. hook topped 10 million people, providing the 10 million JPY planning…

  • Delivery of Clarion, Shanghai GM, determine the car automotive CD player

    Clarion is announced and supply OEM (OEM production) line genuine as species car automotive CD 2 player China joint venture factory Shanghai GM United States GM ( General Motors ) Clarion to supply the products to Shanghai GM's plans to grow this product delivery trading after sea GM and now with's first time

  • Total damage 150 million yen! Navigation system professional thieves arrested

    Kyoto Prefectural larceny in stealing four groups were repeated the car only a break-ins 31, target, revealed the arrested were resold, bought the car this group began to steal two alleged onerous transfer of stolen goods, etc.

  • Weber's successor of Montoya?

    McLaren signings of Juan Montoya in the Williams rumors will heat up I According to coverage in the UK, it will sit in the seat of David Coulthard, as early as Montoya moved to McLaren from next season Telling in will be Mark Webber of Jaguar successor of Montoya

    Montoya and his wife Connie
  • Road Transport Ministry evaluation principle.... Official salary and reward achievements?

    Announced and Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport to introduce numerical targets year road project 31, Measuring achievement of goals year after airing, とどかなかった the goal come up with improvement measures

  • Auditors check the official financial statements for JH to---far away from the answer to allegations

    Japan Highway Public Corporation announced and to publicize its results at the end of August, let check new Japan audit Corporation financial statement announced in June Minister fan was directed accused of “ phantom financial ” with monthly magazine Mr. KATAGIRI Yukio former Corporation executives over the Corporation's financial statements, auditing the validity of such

  • Missed the car from the list! Buses out of vehicle inspection

    Fuji sudden peace tour bus revealed that had focused a large tourist bus had expired vehicle inspection the day before on a clerical mistake from 30, Charter services for groups Report the situation to the Kanto District Transport Bureau, Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport It and has been teaching strengthening the checking system

  • Nissan announcement of first quarter financial results, I don't know hurting?

    Nissan announced the results for the April - June first quarter earnings Consolidated sales were 1649804000000 Yen Year is not disclosed In terms of profit, seem to negatively impact coming out in Exchange new car sales, were increase factors

    "Nissan Teana"
  • Measures for improvement... so painful moment Besides the Nissan "caravan"

    Nissan Motor Co. 31, auxiliary seat of commercial vehicle "caravan" and "Isuzu como" glitches, kicker improvement measures to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport Target's 3,685 units produced up to 6/2003 from 5/2001 When manipulating the seat from the horizontal, the manipulation of foot it Verso alcove to the leg may

    Measures for improvement... so painful moment Besides the Nissan "caravan"
  • Guess it's not beta no way [recall]---BMW "7 series" ECU

    BMW 31, 7-series engine control for computer glitches, kicker recalled to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport 735 I produced in April this year from 11/2001 in Japan were sold, "745i", "745 Li" three models, 713 units is subject

    Guess it's not beta no way [recall]---BMW "7 series" ECU
  • Used Honda "accord" for the latest engines outboard

    Announced that Honda is to release a new product of the four-stroke outboard engines 'accord' with 31, 'BF150/135' from 9/30 Increased 20% in the company's conventional fuel with clear the exhaust gas standards 2008 California Air Resources Board ( CARB )