• Viewpoint of D new 'XJ'.... Jaguar-part II

    New 'Jaguar XJ' released After brothers car was already announced in rapid succession, so "design was the only the trendy ” looks old although the forecast range don't line up with the predecessor and know how much it 1 Appearance, 開ki直tsu this design trend is completely earned citizenship 'new beetle', and 'mini'?

    Viewpoint of D new 'XJ'.... Jaguar-part II
  • “ The domino effect 'Honda Accord"buzz" seen here!

    New Honda are talking about now in the UK 'accord' TVCF (title 'gears') Hit the parts, ordered by new accord one gear rolling part falls, and is the next part... Action and epic over a sweeping accord begins to move, and then consecutive two minutes full-length You can see this in the Internet

    One scene of The Cog (gear) and Honda UK site
  • June illegal mods elimination promotion month.... This year something happens!

    Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport announced the outline of the 'movement to eliminate the illegal car focused on implementation to the June' To identify users from the target vehicle number information frequently asked questions through ' illegal mods cars 110 ', ' black smoke 110 ' addition to conduct roadside inspection of 160 times in the nation, at the maintenance Division, each transport Office, send a postcard, asking for the improvement

  • Campaign as far as 31---small car which hit the insurance quote

    'A large Alpine Renault A110' also go running, けたてて the snow scenes reminded fans Young readers from its sleek appearance somehow Supercars you might think, it's Larry deals considerably with a small body Motor sports excitement to keep closer to one of the measures is a miniature car 1 / 18 Scale model Alpine hits Lottery now use the car オートア ski insurance free bulk quote

    Alpine-Renault A110
  • AT limited to the motorcycle license! …… Police consider the next year around

    National Police Agency establishes a licence limited to motorcycles, such as unwanted scooter clutch operation gear Founded AT limited automatic motorcycle licence from the next fiscal year, future, more

    Suzuki burgman 650
  • What is scrapped? " Bought "If you get a price.... Maybe

    That can hear and get trade-in the car when buying a new car, now riding on the dealer, appropriated new car purchase expense ( discount ) is common to put the old car "through" advantageous, Really what When assessed, bought the car of your moments of the weekend, in the net would be?

    Subaru legacy
  • Released the latest version of ZENRIN and car navigation site diagram software

    Announced and ZENRIN, launched "Navisoft drive map SUPER regional Edition 8 extension format specific series navigation systems site diagram software latest version from mid-July 30, With improved ease of use and navigation laboratory S standard extended format

    Navisoft drive map SUPER regional Edition 8 extended format specific series
  • [Giveaway] today's hits hits.... New "presage" anniversary sale

    Domestic travel and outdoors collectibles such as presents by Nissan as part of a new "presage" teaser campaign "conducted activity tours & toy gift campaign The deadline is a 6/30

    It soon plans to release new presage Guessing from the present deadline or formally announced in late June
  • Recognizing that drunk driving for forcing? From the Chief arrested a drunken Lieutenant

    Revealed that arrested the 48 years and caused car drove, 当て逃げ accident immediately after the Saga Prefectural Police drank the liquor in the social security association attended the 30th, along with their Chief, as life PPS all Division Chief positions in yobuko Department Lieutenant accused of a traffic violation (drunk driving, hit and run)

  • Stake in Toyota, subsidiaries and companies in more than 50%

    Announced and Toyota and Kanto auto works, Toyota auto body subsidiary stocks newly acquired 30, Measures carried out along with the picks by year consolidated financial United States accounting standards Shares of the two companies on the same day the Tokyo Stock Exchange closing price and raised its stake to more than 50 %

    Alphard ( Toyota auto body )
  • See bicycle whacked and fast way... Beware of police

    29, Of shiroishi ward of Sapporo City, Hokkaidō Expressway in North Sea 道警, discovered by groans bike 96-year-old male driver Revealed, was protecting the men safely and cooperation of this driver

  • In five ハシゴ酒---foot cutting big man inflicting injury risk driving charges apply

    North Sea 道警 revealed that switched the 59 year old 29, driving the car in a drunken state caused the accident, blaming the victim badly injured left leg cut, had been arrested in ( drunken driving ) traffic violation and negligence's business man allegedly dangerous driving's

  • e fuel economy also helped! – – – It's seriously ' eco-driving adoption Committee ' to prevent global warming

    30, 4 Ministries of police, industrial economics, land transportation, environment held a first meeting of the ' eco-driving adoption Committee ' Aim's advance, together the driving for soft measures, such as idling or low fuel consumption driving ( eco drive ) Release plans were rearranged (action plan) plan of action to the year

  • You give aid to the perpetrator,---false depositions create COP suspended

    53 Years old, belonging to the Central Department in Hamamatsu transportation Enforcement Division 29, Sergeant let Aralia Shizuoka Prefectural Police traffic accident witnesses, not going to spot MI also created a fake to do this regardless, and depositions, which prosecutors exercise of this alleged, falsely signed official documents create

  • Notice the thickness of 1.2 cm reinforced---road administrator compensation orders

    Leave, and not remove car window broken when a car crashed into reinforced this stumble dzui civil litigation that severely injured his right knee bone to the housewife sought $ 2500000 damages Kyoto road administrators against Kyoto District Court 29, admitted responsibility for the city, ordered the payment of $ 1200000

  • [Quote] the bulge to 3 major overseas buying and rise suddenly

    Overseas investors buying leading stocks the entire market up 3 Stock average rose to 3/24 ¥ 8,400 units All three companies leading the rise suddenly Nissan Motor Co. and continued 3rd, back to 13, stock price this month Increase sales Mexico up 240000 216000 units in 2002, from 2005, to policy Toyota, Honda raised significantly, led to buying overseas

    Nissan Teana
  • Successful acquisition of Asahi TEC, ripplewood, gets 48 %

    United States investment fund ripplewood Holdings announced the Figure 48.48% of the outstanding shares and stock tender offer was announced to have agreed on the acquisition of Asahi TEC Total purchasing cost is about 4200000000 Yen

  • Yappari Corporation reform of backward---reform school workers as demotion

    Became clear that issued a personnel Japan Highway to demote the “ reform faction officials ” General Affairs Department research useful (54) had served as the mediator between JH and Committee Deputy Secretary privatization promotion as transfers to Shikoku branch Deputy General Manager in 6/1 can become

  • Fierce competition! – – – Insurance premium discount aioi insurance is illegal in business improvement order

    FSA illegal to discount the dealer several insurance for Toyota Group insurance, aioi insurance as was invoked a business improvement order According to the FSA, aioi insurance is in 3 items, such as products liability insurance, than usual set the underlying insurance fee calculation for several dealers, sales figures, lower than actual sales were discounted insurance premiums

  • Influence of Citroen, euro to hike, agonizing choices

    Citroën Japon is accompanied by a high depreciation of the euro from the end of last year, announced a new price raise in 8 models in all 12 models Applicable from 6/2 Until April this year against the yen since September, have gone up more than 11% of euro The 8 model although absorbed customer impact possible in the company, worth two-thirds of the overall, average 1.2% of implementing price increases

    Citroen C3