• [Responses to cross] who's controlling the first lap

    2002 Was a green signal, telematics for cell phone changed to i-mode "mobile phone", media migration trends convergence and audiovisual go to HDD from DVD car navigation Spread gently while ETC are also receiving Minister backup Match referee of the market fall 2003 such celebrated, the flow is, 占おう the multimedia future and some hope

    [Responses to cross] who's controlling the first lap
  • Import car 1 reluctant Navigator is a genuine highlight what? …… In the video commentary

    Navigation was distant presence of rim and say either imported car users for ever However....! Genuine navigation system adopts imported cars are available? Even to sacrifice design should do to body navigation system? Import car 8 that you like for the import of car users with those questions, test units (のナビ) Feel free to enjoy movies with commentary

    Import car 1 reluctant Navigator is a genuine highlight what? …… In the video commentary
  • [Top interview] Suzuki and Hiroshi President of Tsuda---after 25 years Osamu system

    Suzuki minicar leader, became an honor student group ( General Motors ) GM small car sector Suzuki Chairman of consolidated net sales in the period 3/2003 to 2000000000000 yen, leapt to the world to small Hamamatsu Suzuki Osamu, the Chairman President and Chairman of incumbency will reach 25 years Suzuki Chairman Hiroshi President of Tsuda entrusted the post Osamu structure established to the helm of the turning point

    Suzuki, Hiroshi President of Tsuda
  • With a "[g-book validation of AIDA Hajime] Spacio'---retreat step 3 step forward

    G-Book compatible car navigation system installed in the 'model with minor change 2003 Corolla Spacio' Had seen cars has become a and will appear in the initial expectations may be model No. 1, 2003, was appeared earlier than the expected with minor car Foretells the future while validating with Spacio g-book

  • Today [giveaway] On-board equipment for ETC, per person---Cosmo G shops opened Memorial

    Commemorate the Cosmo G shop online shopping site opened in Cosmo oil オートア ski readers like this one, presents the on-board equipment for ETC Panasonic 'CY-ET400D'! Please answer the questionnaire and fill quiz Multimedia special corner of the オートア ski "Response" also regards ETC introduction is a site in site informative, such as navigation systems,

    On-board equipment for ETC Panasonic 'CY-ET400D'
  • Viewpoint of D Mazda's RX-8'---Niang and Chapman after driving!

    Mazda's RX-8' announced Hakone ashino-compared Lake skyline rides and Lotus 'Lotto' whether in? Caterham cars has now also been making, love the Colin Chapman of Lotus design of the Lotto and Lotto founder Graham Niang when driving! Would be fun to think of

  • [Mazda's RX-8' photo collection] see Mazda spirit

    What is the core of the Millennium plan, Mazda's spirit was recalled to the "What role of Mazda in the automotive industry" Car is a stylish, inventive, and bright-eyed, this is our history, is the future 'RX-8' is a true sports car This is the spirit of the Mazda Mazda's next-generation products, we have own, introducing – – – Lewis booth (President)

    [Mazda's RX-8' photo collection] see Mazda spirit
  • [Rotary photo collection] that car, this history---Mazda's RX-8"release Memorial

    While mounted on Mazda's RX-8' new-generation rotary engine "RENESIS" is lightweight, compact, high-power specification is high output of 184 kW (250 PS) Also both greatly improved fuel efficiency and emission performance Mazda rotary engine along declared the revival Of the Mazda Rotary car history photos

    KKM400-engines provided by Mazda from the banker (1961)
  • [Photo collection] Recalled early against the F1---what was interesting in the new rules?

    Qualifying of one match, after refueling & rule amendments, including setting prohibition and limitation of tyre choice was made in 2003 F1 season Compared with last season, unseasonable weather and each team of eventful opening But Schumacher champion 2002, Chirac in no. 4 against SanMar GP, victory This will happen...?

    Australia GP, Coulthard
  • Week 14-minute weekly access stop articles---world also Japan a big event?

    List the access number of top stories every week! From January, to the announcement of new vehicles not lacked motor show was held successively at April automotive industry Great also the indirect effects, such as war or illness Article drew the interest of readers? Also recalled the flow of things as market research help OK, even good

  • Petroleum Association of Japan, サルファフリー fuel supply from 2005 to... Low sulfur than further

    Petroleum Association of Japan announced and expressed general energy resources Research Committee Subcommittee thought possible to supply the サルファフリー motor fuel with 10 ppm sulfur 25th, 2005

  • "But... By comparison, sounds "in Internet bulk auto insurance purchases, multiple

    Never thought high insurance premiums and readers various sister? Comparative study of different companies is vital purchase of auto insurance Car insurance comparison, can up to 10 companies plan to 1 times input in the "bulk of the auto insurance free quote" optimal user guide

  • Bulk multiple estimates on net! – – – "Trade-in" and "purchase" is so different

    Is normally take the so-called aims around several of the dealers of new vehicles purchased Get estimates from the purchasing trader if you purchase can also be just as it's essential Can assess requests for more buying shop in bulk, bulk purchasing assessment request service オートア ski ユーザーアシ stance if the complete Internet site read-only form

  • Golden Week, car trouble prevention---here are dangerous!

    To greet the golden week of the year in the direct line (Yasuda life direct damage insurance) direct support center, widely is calling before driving car inspection and maintenance and safe driving procurement General driver

  • [Special lecture on design] Honda is “ 不常識 ”, “ non-serious"

    TCA = Tokyo communication art and design schools in Tokyo Edogawa-Ku 17, and Nakano Masato senior research fellow “ charismatic designer of Honda", (the Honda Technical Research Institute, Wako Research Institute) made a special lecture Commentary provides the essence of the design and manufacturing of Honda the Honda aspire to affluence Want to be number one in the mobility to it "and talk about

    Senior researcher Masato Nakano (Photo Center)
  • The ITO Takao Shinji, Director of Honda, Honda's President

    Ito Takao Shinji Directors (49) and promoted to Managing Director Honda in 25 of the Board and was decided informally personnel, Honda's President Decide the formal Board of directors after the shareholders ' meeting in 6/24 Honda Technical Research Institute's Development Division subsidiary Honda (Honda Giken industries)

  • [ZAO photos] New Britain announced: BMW 5 series

    New BMW 5 series saloon was announced in Britain Germany 4/1, While dimensions larger body that combines aluminum and steel in weight reduction equipped with a high tech "iDrive" or heads-up display Model deployment at engine 2.2 and 3.0-liter straight six-cylinder petrol and 3.0-liter common rail diesel 6 n. 6 AT the transmission is 6 MT

    [ZAO photos] New Britain announced: BMW 5 series
  • Consolidated net income was expected 440 billion yen for the highest update Honda, the fiscal

    Honda announced 25, 3/2003 year consolidated financial results Four-wheel vehicle sales in North America, covering the stall in domestic sales, net profit at 17.6% to 426600000000 Yen 689400000000 yen, up 7.8% operating profit, together with record high Was the 7971400000000 circle of the best sales increase of 8.3 %

  • Kenwood announced the spring car More may sale

    Kenwood announced the pursuing high-quality 2-DIN タイプカー 3 machine audio A4 size and kind of tune-up subwoofer From mid-May to sale Sync with the Kenwood home audio design "simple & cool" design suitable to the user, asking for the chic adult taste and design said

  • Domestic sales of 1 million achieved near fixed time---amemiya Vice President of Honda

    宮高 one Vice President of Honda rain, revealed at the 25, earnings, domestic four-wheel vehicle sales had a 1 million units in FY 2004 plan to fix policy Now, has scrutinized the domestic sales department, considering, also plans to launch new models coming in the be to stagger the achievement goal time