• [2003 Spring wage] bare 31 pairs win, such as Nissan to---automotive Chongryon summary

    Turns out that automobile released the spring wage negotiation situation until the weekend, results earned a raise under the umbrella Union rising to 31 Offensive throughout the industry in 2003 "bear no offensive" and has got many won parts manufacturers Nissan and the company's system, such as bear mainly in the automotive industry, became the unexpected fared in the Union

  • The new management structure of the Toyota---appointed foreigners and young officers to

    Formally announced the introduction of the new management system, such as Toyota Motor Corporation is to slim 28, number of Directors Order to speed up decision-making and reduction officers while in newly established the Executive Committee of non-executive, General meeting of shareholders in June this year after introduction

  • [JGTC round 1] who's won the opener of the tail to nose, a triangular?

    Season kicked off at Okayama, TI circuit Aida all Japan GT Championship = JGTC 2003 Blessed with weather, prior the 55000 spectators received チェッカードフラッグ 'V8 Toyota and Esso ultra flow supra' no. 1 car (Esso Toyota teams, Le Mans, Juichi wakisaka / IIDA chapter set)