• 2003 Opel 'Vita' announced the model.... For the car better

    Japan GM announced the new Opel 'Vita' For better car of the freewheeling Vita entry model of the Opel, Opel is promoting new models of some under the brand concept, specifications and models reviewed

  • In that? Can't I?---30 years of unspoilt gaikando

    "Tokyo ring road newspaper』 Committee" summarizes the final recommendations of the 29, seeking, such as the adoption of the method of underground Outer ring road are left untouched the nearly 30 years, from city planning decision ( Nerima-Setagaya about 16 km intervals, ) of shows development policy from the standpoint of third-party

  • First class auto mechanic, popular boiling---recession also boosted!

    This year's "grade 1 auto mechanic" is performed for the first time popular Is the number of students initially, about 6,000 people, and was likely more than 9,000 issued a prospective applicant actually Automotive maintenance qualification is best in class 2 so far, is a first class mechanic was “ phantom qualifications ” not operational

    Give hand job....