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Mazda Foundation FY 2016 Research Aid (stock photo)

Mazda Foundation: Research Support For Scientific, Technological, And Youth Health Oriented Research Projects

As a means of assisting research during FY 2016, the Mazda Foundation announced on 26 September that the foundation would be supplying ¥40,000,000 ($397,000 USD) in an effort to invigorate science and technology as well as youth health promotional activities for 40 different projects.
An abundance of body colors what what is thought to be the next generation Nissan March

Paris Motor Show '16: A New Nissan March In An Abundance Of Different Colors?

On 29 September, Nissan Motor Company revealed a new model car at the Paris Motor Show ’16 being held in France. The new release of the Micra (known as the March in Japan), comes in an abundance of different color schemes.
John Doonan of Mazda (photo by Kenny Nakajima)

Mazda Supports Motorsports: Creating A Ladder System From The Grassroots Up

Located in the picturesque resort town of Monterey, nestled in the suburbs of San Francisco in northern California is the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The Laguna Seca circuit is the only one in the world, much less the US, whose name is adorned with the name of an auto manufacturer.
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for UK (reference image)

2016 Paris Motor Show: Mitsubishi to unveil 2017 Outlander for Europe with added safety features

On September 14, Mitsubishi Europe announced that it will unveil the 2017 Outlander for Europe at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, which opens its doors on September 29.
New Honda Civic Hatchback

2016 Paris Motor Show: New Honda Civic Hatchback with 182hp 1.5L turbo

Honda is set to unveil the new Civic Hatchback for Europe at the 2016 Paris Motor Show on September 29 with not only a 1.0L version but also a 1.5L turbo engine version.
Lexus UX Concept

2016 Paris Motor Show: Lexus to unveil UX Concept with 3D instrument panel

On September 29, Lexus will unveil the UX Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and its innovative interior is sure to draw some attention.
Teaser image of Nissan's new model

2016 Paris Motor Show: Nissan to unveil what could be the next-gen Micra

Nissan Motor Company will be unveiling a new model at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show, which commences on September 29.
Nissan NV300

2016 Hannover Motor Show: Nissan unveils new NV300 commercial model

On September 21, Nissan unveiled the NV300 at the 2016 Hannover Motor Show (66th IAA Commercial Vehicles) in Germany.
3rd Lexus Short Films series' 3rd film, Kev Cahill's "The Nation Holds Its Breath"

Lexus Short Films series' 3rd film screened at London's Raindance Film Festival

September 21 saw the first screening of the 3rd film in the 3rd Lexus' Short Films series, the Kev Cahill-directed "The Nation Holds Its Breath" at London's Raindance Film Festival.
New Mazda CX-9

Mazda's new Machine Grey color for US CX-9 becomes its most popular

Mazda's newly developed Machine Grey Premium has become the most popular color choice for its CX-9 mid-sized SUV in the US, now representing a total of 24% of its sales.

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